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Available Wherever You Are

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With tens of thousands of listeners each month, our radio stations connect with people in their cars, at work, and at home.  Especially now that connected devices such as Amazon's Echo and Google Home are permeating the audio listening landscape with our audio streams.


Kensington Digital Media's assets run wide and deep.  Our core business is traditional over-the-air radio.  Free and readily available to the public, radio is STILL one of the most efficient, far reaching, and effective communication tools you can employ.


Connecting through social media is the most effective two-way communication on the planet.  Though our radio stations broadcast "one to many" our social media reach gives us the ability to connect with our audiences on a personal level with "two-way" communication.


Radio is, and always has been, everywhere.  85% of the population uses their smartphones everyday for a variety of ways to communicate, including listening to their favorite playlist or radio station!

Hand to Hand

Kensington Digital Media prides itself connecting to the communities that we serve.  We believe that it's just as important to be visible and be in front of the people that listen to our products.  That's why you will see us out-and-about our communities whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Large or Small ...We Are Local!

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