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Leann Didier

Director of Sales

At the young age of 25 Leann worked for Sam’s Club as a Field Marketing Manager.  Leann traveled all over the country opening Sam’s Clubs (a new membership club concept at the time) from the Walmart Corporation.  She was responsible for hiring staffs for all positions, training employees, setting up the corporate culture, and ultimately responsible for growing membership sales.

In 1996 (wanting to get off the road), Leann got into radio.  Her first radio job was as Sales Manager for WXKE Rock 104 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  After only 18 months of record revenue months at the station, Federated Media hired Leann to be the Sales Manager for WMEE in Fort Wayne in 1998.  Despite starting with just 2 salespeople at WMEE, Leann grew the staff and doubled the station’s revenue within one year making her one of the most valuable employees at the company.

In 2001 Leann became the General Manager of Special Teams Incorporated.  A company that sold indoor and outdoor advertising for the largest event venue in Fort Wayne, Indiana (The Memorial Coliseum).  That company saw its revenue increase three-fold during her first year on the job.

In 2012 Leann and her husband Tony started Kensington Digital Media purchasing their first station (Hippie Radio 94.5) in Nashville, Tennessee.  Since then, the company has grown to 8 radio stations in Tennessee and Indiana.  Leann is the Director of Sales for all the Kensington Digital Media stations.

Leann’s infectious smile and intense personality has earned the respect of hundreds of advertisers across multiple markets.  She is described as “lightning in a bottle”.  Leann has hired and trained hundreds of salespeople and increased revenue in every position she’s held. 

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