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Alyvia Bush

Office Manager/Nashville, Tennessee

Hey y’all! My name is Alyvia Bush and I am the office manager for WHPY 94.5- Hippie Radio & WHIN 100.7FM/1010AM.  I moved to Nashville in January 2021 with my husband and our two boys (fur babies).  After living in Atlanta, Ga for 3 years working in the film industry as well as managing a hotel full time, it was time for me to rewind the record and start the song over again! :-)


Although a native from Tuscaloosa, Alabama football was far from what I wanted to surround myself with! I knew Tennessee was my destiny and Nashville’s culture of music reeled me in.  Music is where I thrive and oldies is where my heart is!  In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d become a hippie but hey, who said bell-bottoms and tie dye wasn’t fashionable.  Not me! 

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